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Why It’s Becoming An Increasingly CGI World

cgi-worldCGI is everywhere. An abbreviation of Computer-generated Imagery, CGI is increasingly being used in movies, amateur, and professional videos, and of course, the World Wide Web. It takes a lot of study, artistry and imagination to whip up an original CGI presentation.

This is why CGI experts are well-respected and well-compensated in their field of choice. With the proliferation of CGI around the world, experts in this line of work are copycats, original thinkers, or a sprinkling of both. The creator of Avatar, James Cameron is an original CGI maker, and yet the combination of shooting actual motion pictures and merging them with animation have been done before. The movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, would therefore qualify as an original in this regard as it antedates Cameron’s technique.

Some movie critics have an almost allergic aversion to CGI. These are the purists who proclaim that like artificial intelligence or AI, someday, every flick will be rendered in CGI. In other words, there will be no more well-made, well-shot movies like Casablanca.

In reality, however, this scary scenario is not likely to happen. What is more likely is that CGI will continue to merge with motion pictures and other types of videos that have been shot old style. Thus, it’s not like the eight-track-cassette tapes disappearing.

Movies will continue to be shot through the use of filming cameras, but they are likely to encounter CGI intrusion here and there, like the X-Men and the Avengers films. Outside of the entertainment industry, CGI has an important role in the medical and the educational disciplines. CGI-rendered videos of the human anatomy and the muscular system have educated patients and the general public in ways never before imagined before CGI came into play.

What is the future of CGI? To-date, even NASA uses CGI to educate the public on its plans to conquer the moon and Mars. As the Hubble Telescope takes actual, moving pictures of deep space, some members of the team are tasked with enhancing these views with CGI rendering. And this is where it truly shows that the use of CGI is some sort of a cooperative venture.

There are pure CGIs in the market, like Toy Story and other Pixar animation movies. But the new challenge for CGI adherents is to use their expertise in a way that it will enhance an old-fashioned motion picture instead of obliterating it from the face of the earth.


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