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What Atex Equipment Is Used For?

With the increasing dependency on mechanical devices, there is a strong need for maintenance of these machines to make the best use of them. There are many directives given by various authorities that are used to check the quality of the instrument being used. ATEX directive is one of them and widely used worldwide describe that ATEX equipment and work environment is allow in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

There are mainly two ATEX equipment directives namely, ATEX 95 equipment directive 94/9/EC, and ATEX 137 workplace directive 99/92/EC. These ATEX equipment directives are largely used measurement, calibration, and maintenance.

When it comes to buy ATEX equipment, there are many suppliers available in the market that provides superior quality equipments for commercial as well personal use. These measurement instruments include Multimeter, Thermometers, Pressure Gauge, Laser Tachometer, Stroboscope, Process Meter, Clamp Meter, Laser Distance Meter, and Thermal Imagers.

Similarly instruments for calibration purpose include Pressure Calibrators, Multi Calibrators, Temperature Calibrators, Loop Calibrators, Process Calibrators, and HART Modem. Maintenance instruments are Continuity Tester, Wall Clocks, and Magnet Probe. The best thing about ATEX equipment directives is that they ensure enhanced working of these instruments on every vital front. As a result, these instruments show exceptional performance in dealing with issues related to hazardous area test equipment.

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