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Princess Lover!

Princess Lover! is a romance, harem anime adapted from an adult game which is directed by Hiromitsu Kanazawa and written by Makoto Nakamura. The series is centered around one male character named Teppei Arima, who is surrounded by beautiful women who are either in love with him, or connected to him through his school or rich life. There’s a touch of action in this anime as well, which helps to balance it out.

Teppei Arima was happily raised in a middle class family with a father who owned and ran a noodle shop. After his parents are killed in a car crash, Teppei is taken in by his very wealthy and famous grandfather Isshin Arima, owner of the Arima Corporation. On the day Teppei visits his grandfather, he came across A horse drawn carriage being harassed by thugs in a jeep. After aiding in the rescue of the person riding within the carriage, he discovers the person to be a princess named Charlotte Hazelrink. After parting their separate ways, Teppei reaches his grandfathers estate and is immediately awed and culture shocked by the way he’s treated by guests and the obvious power and wealth displayed at his grandfathers mansion. He discovers that he’s been arranged with a fiancée, who is a noble and expert swordswoman. Teppei is even more surprised when he’s brought to a medium sized mansion in a limousine, and enters the building to find dozens of maids lined up to receive him. A maid who road with him, who he thought was only escorting him, tells him his grandfather assigned her as his personal maid. She, named Yu Fujikura, is who tends to him most and occasionally councils him in matters of life. It is after all this that Teppei is enrolled into the most prestigious and private school in Japan.

This is the type of anime that’s interesting to watch because the main character is thrown into the type of life that most individuals dream of. Going from a middle class average individual to an incredibly wealthy heir to a very wealthy and influential company and more beautiful and rich women than anyone can shake a stick at. This sort of anime allows individuals to escape the life they lead and put themselves in the shoes of Teppei. It isn’t all perfect of course since it was the death of Teppei’s parents that so suddenly brought this change upon his life, but nonetheless it’s the life change many people desire. The interesting fact about Teppei is he didn’t want his life to change that way. This makes him an all the more respectable character.

Princess Lover! Is a fantastic romance anime with exceptional plot and artwork, endearing and lovable characters, and more romance and love than any romantic could hope for. Princess Lover! Is definitely an anime worth watching for anyone who enjoys romance and harem anime.

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