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Accessing Iplayer abroad for BBC TV programs

It is quite likely that you miss the BBC TV programs while you are away on a foreign trip for leisure or for any other reason that will keep you away from the BBC TV programs for quite some time. So, under such circumstances, how will you access Iplayer abroad? There are few legal aspects to the same that you must follow. Breaking laws is not desirable.

The most important aspect that you must keep in mind when you are trying to access the Iplayer abroad is that your IP address should essentially be UK based. But if you have your network connectivity that is not within the BBC UK TV range, your IP address will perhaps be barred from accessing these BBC TV programs. So, it is important that you have your IP address based in the UK.

You can seek assistance of proxy servers that many commercial companies offer services to people like you. These companies will allow you to use the proxy servers but at a cost. You will not get their services for free. And the amount you have to pay towards the charges depends on how long you watch the BBC TV Iplayer abroad. And the cost can be anywhere between £120 and £180/year.

There is another option you have at your disposal. It is simple although sometimes there might be few technical hitches. Let us say you are with your laptop outside UK and the Iplayer abroad detects that your location is not within the geographical boundaries of UK, you can ask your friend who is residing in UK to download the BBC TV programs from the official website of BBC. Remember, you will not be able to download the programs from any other website other than the official website, which will also allow you to do so. Once your friend has downloaded the programs, he can mail the files to you.

Alternatively, you can seek help of the proxy servers as well. A proxy server that is based in the UK will usually have a UK based IP address. These servers process user requests and handle the traffic through different computer. This causes the Iplayer abroad to detect that your IP address is based in the UK. Once your IP address is identified as being inside United Kingdom or within the UK range, you will be allowed to access the BBC TV programs even if you are outside UK.

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