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Can I Convert YouTube To Mp3?

Face it, sometimes you are just dying to have a song or specific audio from a source that can be hard to find.  The good news is that YouTube usually has it available.  However, you may be wondering, is there a way to obtain this audio for your own personal use?  Can one convert YouTube to mp3?  The answer is yes.

Now, thanks to today’s ever changing technology and the internet, you can now convert YouTube to mp3 in a few quick, easy steps.  How do you go about doing this?  Follow the next few steps to find out, and you will be listening to mp3’s in no time.

  • Find a conversion tool online – Before you become overwhelmed, calm down.  Finding a conversion tool online is not as difficult as it may sound at first.  In fact, there are tons, maybe even hundreds or thousands of websites that offer free conversion tools for users to use to convert videos to mp3.  These can easily be found by typing in “convert youtube to mp3” or something along those lines into a Google search.  Visit a few websites and try to weigh the pros and cons of each before choosing one that best suits your needs.  Then get ready to begin the conversion process.


  • Search YouTube for the video you would like to convert to mp3.  Once you have found it, copy the URL and paste it into the conversion tool box bar on the website you have decided to use.  Next there should be a button or link that you can click to begin the conversion process, do this and let the website work its magic.


  • Side note: Some websites may offer different options to choose from such as downloading speeds, and/or quality.  Choose which options you would like and then click convert.


  • Wait patiently – The conversion process usually takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes, and of course depends on what website or tool you are using, the quality of the software they use, and the information you are converting from YouTube.


  • Retrieve your MP3 – Last but not least, when your mp3 has finished converting there will usually be a message on the screen that tells you that your mp3 is done and there will also usually be a link to redirect you to the mp3, or instructions that you can follow to retrieve your mp3.


  • Listen and enjoy – give yourself a pat on the back, you have successfully converted your first mp3 from youtube. Now just sit back, listen and enjoy your music.


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