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How to Save Battery on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

One of the major problems that users of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 face is the problem of battery life. Stand by time of the battery is not very good in these phones. Perhaps it is the only flaw in these phones. But some unique ways are there which can help you to save up to 50% of battery life.




Here are few manipulations which can be done to save the battery life of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.


Turn off Location Services: – Some Apps locate the current location of your phone using GPS for giving extra information. It reduces huge part of battery power which remains unnoticed. So turning off that option will save battery power.


Turn on Auto Brightness: – It doesn’t make sense if you keep your brightness settings to high when it’s dark. IPhone 4S and iPhone 5 has feature named Auto Brightness which has the capacity to adjust your phone’s brightness according to surrounding light. You can save battery life by turning on Auto Brightness. This is really a great option in these two amazing gadgets that saves battery and allows you to use your phone for a longer time period without charging it again and again.


Check out Multi-Tasking: – Many Apps on iPhone run in the background which we can’t see and as a result of this power of battery reduces. To close those programs you have to tap twice on the home button and then you will be able to see the applications which are active in the background. Now hold the finger on the icon of App until the quit button arises. Then click on that quit button and that’s all.


Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: – Besides video calling, GPRS and voice calling, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the primary features to transfer data. Turning on these features all the time will reduce battery life. You should not turn on these features unless you need to connect with another phone.


Charge your battery completely At least Twice a Month: – To get better battery performance you should charge your phone battery completely at least twice in a month. It helps to increase the performance of the battery of your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.


Don’t use Siri too much: –Siri is a popular app but it takes a lot of battery power because it involves in large amount of data transfer whenever you are using this application. So if you don’t use siri very frequently, it will obviously help you to save the power of your battery.


These unique tips are very useful if you want to save your battery power and want to have a good battery life of your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The last thing which you can try to save more power is by restoring the mobile phone. After restoring you will start with all the default settings. Restoring helps the user to increase the speed and to save the battery power. By implementing all the above points on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, you will be able to save up to 50% of battery power very easily.


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