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Best Linux Hosting – 3 Reasons I Prefer Linux

I moved to UNIX many decades ago for my web web host needs, and have never checked in reverse since then. I am so grateful I did and rattling have no objective to change in reverse to Ms windows web host. I am rattling satisfied with it and have been dependent to it ever since. I still do use Ms windows web host for customers websites from example to time, but if I had it my way, in a change community I would use UNIX every time. No I am not a Ms or Ms windows hater, but I do desire UNIX over Ms windows for a variety of factors. I will offer you with group factors why I desire UNIX over Ms windows for web host my websites.

Open Resource Code

Linux uses start manufacturer value for its web host, which Ms windows does not. Open manufacturer value is passionate because it is simpler to manage areas, up-dates, ect too. UNIX can handle Telnet which Ms windows seemingly does not assistance. UNIX is often generally known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP.) With Ms windows it is not as pliant as UNIX and does not material as much carry and versatility.


The price for UNIX web host is exactly no cost which its competition Ms windows is not. Real Ms windows is a extremely energy when it comes to to application, but they are also professional, which UNIX is start found and 100% no cost. It is a good idea that UNIX web host is less expensive since they are not professional. It is generally 1-2 money less expensive than Ms windows.

More Value

Another passionate purpose to change to UNIX is it less expensive. So you durability be thinking if you actually get what you obvious for. The response is you get more for what you obvious for, and for less than the price of Ms windows. It is a no-brainer that UNIX is hands-down the best web host available.

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