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Is 3D TV Ready for You?

For a long time, the idea of having 3d TVs in our homes seemed like a dream of the future, something totally unrealistic. Now, however, the latest technology in home theater is the 3D HDTV. While a lot of consumers have already dropped significant amounts of money updating their TVs from the old boxy CRTs to new high definition flat screen televisions, television and electronics manufacturers have no problem believing that people will be interested enough in having their very own 3d tv to go out and buy a brand new television all over again. Stop by to see a cohesive list of some of the most popular models available and there you can also get more information about the technical specifications of these futuristic devices.

In the future, most if not all high definition televisions will include three dimensional capability. That does not mean that you are forced to watch the three dimensional programming if you do not wish to, in the same way that having a high definition television does not mean that you absolutely have to watch all of your shows in high definition, or even have a high definition cable package. You can still choose to avoid the expense of high definition channels that you do not wish to watch, and it is likely that in the future you will also be able to avoid the expense of paying for extra three dimensional channels that you do not wish to watch.

In order to engage in watching three dimensional television, you and anyone else who might want to watch the program will need a pair of shutter glasses. Shutter glasses take the image on the screen and turn it into a three dimensional picture. Without these glasses, a viewer will see a distorted picture and a complete lack of effect. The program would be almost unwatchable without these glasses, though the audio would still be present. While some three dimensional high definition televisions will come with one or two complimentary pairs of shutter glasses, most people will want additional pairs for other members of their family or guests to their home, adding on another major expense to the purchase. Some televisions may require that the glasses be purchased separately entirely. This will make buying a 3D tv a purchase that requires serious consideration from most families.

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