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Android Tablets

Tablet computer is a new addition to the gadget industry. Tablet computers fill a bond between new generation phones and personal computers. Tablets seem to have faster processors than the usual smart phone but fall behind the processing power that you’ll see in an average computer. Using a tablet, we can see videos, surf the net, download or listen to music, play games online and even download new apps for your tablet. An Android tablet is a touch-screen, mobile device that operates some edition of the Android os on it. And it’s not a smart phone, though with the right software and components you might be able to call people over Wi-Fi systems using one.
The wide range of Android operating system tablets on the market make it challenging to sum up requirements. Android operating system tablets are really just specialized computer systems. In common, most tablets contain the following components:
1)a processor, usually underclocked to restrict heat output
2)memory chips
3)a storage chip and probably a port for extra storage
4)a battery
5)a graphics processor
6)a audio processor and speakers
7)sensors such as accelerometers, a compass and light sensors
8)a GPS receiver
9)a Wi-Fi aerial (and possible a mobile antenna)
10)a Wireless chip
11)an FM tuner
12)at least one camera
All Android os tablets run a edition of Google’s os. Most of the latest Android os tablets feature Honeycomb, also known as Android os 3.0. Older tablets may be stuck with an os Google designed for smartphones. some of them belong to the tablet dark ages, running Android os 1.5 also known as Cupcake. Past versions of the os may not be able to run some Android os applications. The older the Android os build, the fewer applications the tablet will be able to run without problems. Many Android os tablets run some edition of Android os between Cupcake and Honeycomb.

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