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Reliable Income With Communications Masts

Cell tower leases are property contracts that are agreed between land owners and Telecom companies, in circumstances where the companies wish to erect cell towers on the owner’s land. Telecoms giants are forever searching for places to build new towers. Thus, potentially, high rise building owners in urban areas, and people who own strategically positioned plots of land in the countryside, can earn some additional cash by signing a leasing agreement.

If you do own a site that fits the above criteria, then it is sensible to learn more about the regulations and rules that govern leases, in case you are are approached by a Telecom company. Before signing a lease, the terrain will need to be assessed to verify its’ appropriateness. The local ordinances that govern the land will need to be examined too (particularly with regards to the security measures). Also, the company will have to prove that they are authorized by the carrier.

Furthermore, it is important to know the rights of owners in relation to the whole agreement, and make sure that these are specifically outlined in the contract. Without exception, these contracts will give certain rights to the Telecoms companies over the land. As a result, it is the property owner’s responsibility to understand what rights they have, and what rights they will relinquish to the company. A full term lease means that it will last for twenty to twenty-fiveyears. Alternatively, the lease may feature five year installments, whereby the contract can be renegotiated at the point of renewal.

Prior to agreeing a cell tower leases contract, one essential concern that needs addressing is the value of the land, with regards to the rent it would command. These lease cell tower lease rates are based on several variables. These include whether the region is rural, suburban or urban, the land’s market value and the building’s position. Occasionally, the unique location of a building, with regards to zoning, can have an impact on the price too.

Calculating the correct leasing rate is a challenging prospect, because there is not a single information source that can offer owners all the relevant data. Nonetheless, there are a few companies, such as Com Serve (owned by David Espinosa), that have been able to bring together the necessary information and accumulate a database over time. Thus, making contact with a company like this will allow owners to obtain a precise estimate of their particular lease rate.

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