Some new features that can strengthen Whatsapp domination

WhatsappWhatsapp application is growing rapidly. Some features are added and updated in this application to make it more comfortable for its users. The development can strengthen Whatsapp domination among other chatting applications.

Some features related to Whatsapp newest developments could be explained below:

1. The two blue ticks
This feature is actually not so new but this development makes Whatsapp increasingly sophisticated. In the past, the most clear information obtained by sending a message is a fact that the message has reached the recipient, unknown whether the message has been read or not.
In the latest development, two gray ticks could turn into blue ones indicating the message has been read by the recipient.

2. The number of members of a Whatsapp group was expanded to 100 members
Previously; the number of members of a group was limited to 50 people. That makes many users switched to other applications that can accommodate more members. When the group capacity was expanded to 100 people, old users started to return back to whatsapp group.

3. Accepting more than one admin
Another obstacle of Whatsapp group is if the admin is no longer active in the group. The problem, if there are other numbers that should be invited. Now the problem can be avoided by lifting the admin more than one.

4. Knowing who has read a message in a group
Now, Whatsapp group is getting more dynamic. In addition to enlarge capacity of members and administrators, the other interesting thing is we can know anyone who read our message. The trick, click the message in a bit long time, then after emerging option, select the ‘I’ or info. You can see the list of members who have received the message and read the message. No need to read other’s status anymore since features on that site is only useful for people with less creative ideas, if you are creative enough, you can create your own status updates.

5. Knowing who is typing in the group
By knowing who is typing, we can decide whether it can be directly countered or we should wait for an explanation from the message writer. This application can decrease the number of misunderstanding in a conversation.

6. Turn off the read feature
For those of you who do not like to mark two blue ticks which means your message has been read, you can turn off the feature. To turn off the feature ‘Read’, Android users can access Menu> Settings> Account> Privacy and then remove the check mark in the option ‘Read Receipts’.


The definition and importance of Firewall

firA firewall can be either software (computer program or application) or hardware (a special computer that is running a firewall program) which serves to filter the traffic of computer networks and the Internet. Firewall protection is needed, especially for computers connected to the internet connection. Firewall improves the security of computer networks by providing detailed information on network traffic patterns. Firewall is indispensable as a security gateway between the internal networks that is relatively safe with external vulnerable networks (the Internet).

How it works
• All network communications pass through the firewall
• Only the data traffic from a trusted network that is allowed through the firewall
• Firewall has the ability to protect computers from malicious attacks originated from the Internet

Firewall function
The computer has thousands of ports that can be accessed for a variety of purposes. Firewall computer has a duty to close the ports unless some ports that need to be kept open. Firewall in computers also act as a first line of defense in preventing all types of hacking. As we have seen, hackers generally work by trying to break into a computer network through an open port.

In addition, there are also a variety of other uses of the firewall as follows:
• Firewall is useful to maintain confidential and valuable information to keep it out without being noticed by the user. For example, traffic of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) of an organization is generally controlled by the firewall. This is done to prevent users on the network to send confidential file either intentionally or accidentally to any other party.

• Filter of firewall is also used to prevent certain traffic flowing into the subnet network. It is useful to prevent users from sharing music and playing games on the network. This type of application is useful especially in the corporate sector.

• Another important utility of a firewall is to modify the data packets coming through the firewall. This process is called Network Address Translation (NAT). There is a type of NAT called a basic NAT where the private IP (Internet Protocol) address of a computer network is hidden behind one IP address.

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Data Recovery – What Technologies You Can Expect to See More of in 2015

Data RecoveryFinancial institutions, retailers and the IT industry as a whole are under growing pressure to have nimble, effective solutions ready in the event of a data disaster. Nobody can prepare fully for every possible issue, so data recovery methods need to evolve constantly to meet demanding objectives.

Today’s technology innovators are looking beyond legacy technologies like RAID and to the future of data recovery in the Internet of Everything. Let’s consider some technologies that are likely to be seen more often in 2015:

Cloud-Based Data Recovery

The cloud has made it possible for just about any company, and even individuals, to have an off-site data storage repository that can be accessed instantly. In 2015, the cloud will become more robust, more common and more secure. That said, IT pros and data recovery centres will still face many challenges when it comes to ensuring that ubiquitous cloud access doesn’t result in a nightmare of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

SSD-Focused Hard Drive Recovery

The performance benefits of SSD hard drives are undeniable. With an average 10 percent faster loading time versus HDD, SSD hard drives help ensure data is loaded and served quickly over long distances. However, for all its benefits, SSD architecture is still prone to data loss. A number of companies, from start-ups to global enterprises, are developing new tools to recover data from afflicted SSD drives.

Data Recovery for Apple-Heavy Environments

In the “Bring Your Own Device” world of the future, the divide between Android and Apple users will become an issue businesses must be prepared for. The majority of data recovery tools out there today are focused on Windows or Linux, but new data recovery hardware for Mac tablets and phones will continue to emerge. This could seriously reduce data recovery costs for home users, too, consult a professional mac repair expert for more information on Apple data recovry if this applies to you.

Secure, Encrypted Flash Drives and Mobile Devices

It was not that long ago when the flash drive was considered one of the most perilous dangers to data security. With increasing speed and capacity, however, a carefully encrypted thumb drive or even a mobile device will become capable of storing entire disk images and ensuring their physical security. Apple’s moves toward integrating on-board biometrics, like fingerprint scanners, will make this more practical as time goes on.

A catastrophe can strike for technical, human or environmental reasons, so be sure to review your own data recovery plans in the new year!


Data recovery tools to recover data from SD cards and USB drives

recovery softwareData loss in an external storage device means so important to the people who store important data related to their personal details and business. Data loss is the biggest problem that occurs in the modern devices and tools such as computers, SD card and USB drives. The information they stored in these is very important for a business or organization. This problem can be solved with the help of data recovery tools. Let us see some of the data recovery tools that can help in recovering the data from USB drives, SD card and many more. Card recovery is win recovery software that can run on Windows 98 OS and later. This is mainly used to recover data from memory cards that are used in cameras. The file types that it functions with are JPG, RAW format of image files, AVI, MOV, MP3, MPG and WAV.

Photorec is the recovery software of Christophe grenier that can work well in windows 98 OS and later, DOS, Linux and Mac OS X. This tool can recover information from any device. This tool is available for free and people can download it from the trusted website. Recover my files of getdata is available in different iterations such as standard, pro and technician. This tool can help in recovering a variety of data formats from conventional NTFS/FAT partitions. Recuva of piriform is available for free. The professional version of this software can be purchased for a premium amount to obtain larger support and feature set. Some of the other data recovery tools that can help in recovering the files are remo recover and undelete 360. Individuals can check out the features of these software tools in detail and choose a perfect software tool for them that can recover the type of file formats they like to recover.

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How mobile technology used in the online business marketing

online marketingToday, internet marketing is very essential for each and every business to grasp huge numbers of potential customers online. With the advent of the smart mobile technology, now online marketing can be possible using the smartphones. Most of the analysts are predicting that the majority of the people are accessing the internet through the mobile phones. That is why today business marketing is also very popular on the mobile phones. Local mobile marketing is today’s growing concept in the internet marketing field. With the smartphones and tablets, now all the businessmen can get the best business marketing benefits by popularizing their business products or services. Companies like Next Gear Solutions offer an abundance of tools to help stream line management and compliance needs. The latest advances in the mobile marketing technology will be helpful to local marketing. This local marketing is to promote the products or services of the companies among many smartphone users. The people who are using the internet via their smart mobiles can view such marketing messages or emails directly from the companies.

Most of the internet marketing companies are now supporting mobile marketing to get more numbers of customers. These days, every online business person wants to change their website version of marketing to mobile version of marketing. Most of the online users are accessing all business sites only through the mobile devices. For this main reason, they are changing a way of marketing to the mobile technology. It will surely increase the sales and profit return for the companies. Most of the company websites are changing to the mobile version of sites to also grasp more numbers of mobile using customers. It is highly possible to get immense quantity of customers via the mobile compatible version of company websites as compared to desktop sites. If the business people want to get this mobile version of business website, they can approach online marketing company supporting mobile marketing for businesses.

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